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Margo identifies specific prospects for her clients and their products and services. She initiates relationships with these contacts, then creates a database of prospects. In a systematic way, she presents her clients to the people in the database. She keeps meticulous records of all activities to prevent duplication of any solicitations.

Three of Our Best Customers

Snelling Personnel Services

Temporary and permanent staffing for franchise owners/managers needing extra business who want professional or non-professional temporary and/or permanent staff on their employee roster.

Sir Speedy Printing & Graphics

Printing business owner seeking procurement managers or office managers who require printed business cards, miscellaneous signage, booklets, four-color brochures for their companies.

Time-Life Books

Over the course of a year, I learned the essentials of effective telemarketing from a talented manager and successfully grew sales for this global leader in director-to-consumer sales.

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Three Prior Customers


Busy university president wanting to delegate a range of tasks. We recruited volunteers to help offload tasks and create productivity and efficiency.

Thomas Evans

A lawyer who was looking for companies and individuals needing legal help. We developed a prospect list targeted to enhance his bottom line.

McGraw Hill

A correspondence school manager with staff producing teaching supplies, digital mail order manuals. We developed a list of possible clients, contacted them, enrolled them.

Example of referrals that work well for us:

  • High-end clothing shop owner needing mature clientele with disposable income
  • Manager of a book producer needing to sell their excess inventory
  • A sculptor who wishes to sell current inventory.

Valuable resources that could be helpful to us:

  • Manager of a new shopping center
  • Connections with potters’ factory and/or with artists’ studios
  • Hotel chain manager tasked to decorate with original artworks

New doors we would like to open:

  • Procurement manager at an educational institution
  • Manager of an artists’ co-operative
  • Director of cultural affairs at an embassy

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Margo Arnold GAINS Profile

Margo is an active member in a local BNI chapter. She has prepared a GAINS profile to help people understand more about what she does and where she can excel for clients. Here is a synopsis.


Develop promotional campaigns for small business owners, using my expertise in e-mail and direct mail to build customer loyalty and increase revenue.

Use my knowledge of the city and its neighborhoods to help franchise owners maximize their visibility and find new customers.

Build my network and database of skilled professionals who will use me as a referral resource with confidence.


I have been a working artist, making, exhibiting and marketing my paintings and prints. I am also a collector, with my husband, concentrating on D.C. area artists.

I am a long-time resident of D.C. with an interest in history, culture, and the arts.


Founder of International Artists Support Group (IASG), a nonprofit that organized international exhibitions of U.S. artists. IASG exhibitions traveled to venues in France, India, Australia, China, Russia,  South Africa, and Egypt. In IASG, I learned about the power of long-distance networking and the strength of diverse groups.

As an Account Executive with Sir Speedy Printing and Graphics, I was recognized as a National Top Performer (2005-2011), National Salesperson of the Year, (2005-2006), and Southeastern Regional Salesperson of the Year (2011). At Sir Speedy, I was able to put my love and knowledge of D.C. to practical use and developed a reliable customer base.


I have been a member of the Cosmos Club for nearly 20 years, and have served on the Arts Committee and other committees there.

I am an avid online networker and regularly contribute to neighborhood listservs.


Graphic Arts, Fine Arts, Outside Sales, Networking

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